1. Exfoliate with MARSHMALLOW Hand & Cuticle Scrub 
Hands and cuticles feel softer, smoother and younger-looking at first application

2. Soften with CUTICLE REMOVER
Gently loosens and softens dead or dry cuticles without the need to soak hands in water.

3. Push Back with CUTICLE PUSHER
Using the arched end, gently push cuticles back toward the knuckle. The opposite tip of the pusher helps target more stubborn cuticle build-up.

Hangnails are the only pieces of skin you should cut. Never pull to remove skin, simply clamp the cuticle nipper and release to avoid pulling up excess skin.

5. Hydrate with CUTICLE OIL
Cuticle treatments deeply penetrate the skin to help soften, heal and protect dry, cracked cuticles.

6. Nourish with THE CURE Cuticle Cream
Patented Raspberry Stem Cell Extract, Red Algae, Shea Butter, Sodium Hyaluronate and Vitamins A, C and E, this luxurious cream instantly relieves dry cuticles as it repairs and protects. Apply as often as needed.

7. Moisturize with RICH GIRL SPF 25 Broad Spectrum Hand Cream
A botanical brightening complex helps to even skin tone while a broad-spectrum sunscreen provides protection from the sun's harmful rays.