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5 Step Home Manicure

Step 1

1. Cleanse & Prep

Cleanse with THE STRIPPER lavender polish remover.

Fast-acting, award-winning nail polish remover. Infused with lavender and aloe, it hydrates the nail plate for a clean, fresh finish. The unique twist-lock bottle prevents spilling. Allure magazine Best of Beauty winner

Step 2

2. Exfoliate & Shape

Shape with the ECO-FILE.

Exfoliate, buff & shine your nails, hands & feet.

Step 3

3. Perfect Cuticles

• Soften with CUTICLE REMOVER.
• Push Back with CUTICLE PUSHER. 
• Hydrate with CUTICLE OIL or IT'S A MIRACLE.
• Nourish with THE CURE cuticle cream.

Step 4

4. Base Coats

Always use a Base Coat. Your Manicure will last longer.

Remember to cap the nail tip and allow to dry before applying color.

Step 5

5. Top Coats

If you don't do the finish, you won't have the "wow".
From matte to hardener to gel-like gloss,  choose the perfect top coat to protect your color.