5 Step Home Manicure

1. Cleanse & Prep

Cleanse with THE STRIPPER lavender polish remover.

Fast-acting, award-winning nail polish remover. Infused with lavender and aloe, it hydrates the nail plate for a clean, fresh finish. The unique twist-lock bottle prevents spilling. Allure magazine Best of Beauty winner


2. Exfoliate & Shape

Shape with the ECO-FILE.

Exfoliate, buff & shine your nails, hands & feet.


3. Perfect Cuticles

• Soften with CUTICLE REMOVER.
• Push Back with CUTICLE PUSHER
• Hydrate with CUTICLE OIL or IT'S A MIRACLE.
• Nourish with THE CURE Cuticle Repair Cream.


4. Base Coats

Always use a Base Coat. Your Manicure will last longer.

Remember to cap the nail tip and allow to dry before applying color.


5. Top Coats

If you don't do the finish, you won't have the "wow".
From matte to hardener to gel-like gloss, choose the perfect top coat to protect your color.