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4-way high gloss nail buffer

4-way high gloss nail buffer
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4-way high gloss nail buffer

Features the latest technology in buffing fabrics! This multitasking buffer lays the groundwork for a perfect manicure. Each section is numbered to provide you with the proper steps for a polished appearance.

  • Shape, smooth, buff and shine your nails for a perfect manicure
  • Fabric gently smoothes the surface of nails and imparts high shine that keeps nails looking healthy.
  • Great for both women and men.
  • Washable.

Just follow the four numbered steps 1. Gently shape nail tip. 2. Gently buff ridges on top of nail. 3. Smooth nail surface before applying base coat. 4. Buff to high-shine when you don't want to wear nail polish.

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