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Smooth Operator and Metal Queen Bundle

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Metal Queen Long diamond-ceramic Nail File with abrasion-resistant PTFE coating and Smooth Operator 4-way nail buffer

  • Professional diamond-ceramic 7" (18cm) nail file made in Germany
  • Special PTFE coating releases grime easily improving the hygienic properties
  • Semi-flexible design adapts to the curves of nails
  • Thin profile reaches tight areas that regular files cannot
  • Suitable to all types of sterilization including autoclave
  • Nickel-free

Smooth Operator: Features the latest technology in buffing fabrics! This multitasking buffer lays the groundwork for a perfect manicure. Each section is numbered to provide you with the proper steps for a polished appearance.

Start from the outside edge of the nail and file towards the center, always in one direction. Place file along the nail sidewall and gently file parallel to the finger first and then gently from the outer edge of the nail and in towards the center of the nail tip. Leave at least 1/8” of the nail straight along the sidewall before shaping the tip to the desired shape. Repeat on both sides of the nail until desired shape is achieved.

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